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Bus Operators should be given enough ribbon grace period.

Posted Sep 11, 2013

Bus Operators should be given enough ribbon grace period

As National Restoration Party,we do not see any point as to why RTSA should give a short grace period of up to 23 September this year as the deadline for all public service vehicles to have the new colour scheme.

It is RTSA’s mandate to ensure that there is much sensitization in order for all bus operators to be in the know of the laid down rules and regulations, but because RTSA did not do much to enlighten the operators, not all of them complied with the rules.There are four points that RTSA has not been clear up to now on the colour scheme;

  1. Bus operators were told to have all buses painted with the colour orange.
  2. Then they were told to make some changes by painting all buses with a 10cm orange ribbon around them.
  3. Thirdly they announced that each province have its own colour pattern.
  4. And lastly they now want decorations of the national flag on all buses to be removed.

This has brought about confusion to the members of the public because operators were prompted to paint their buses in different colours.The consequence of rushing into making such decisions is if buses whose colour does not comply with the colour code are prohibited from operatingafter the givendeadline, commuters will have a hard time getting to their destination because not everyone can afford to book a taxi. Also another thing to keep in mind is that families of bus owners, bus drivers and conductors will starve to death because there will be no money in their pockets to feed their families. It is not everyone who can manage to eat three times a day.

Another point that should be noted is that there are bus owners who have more than three buses and hence they need ample time to have their buses painted. We should always remember thatbus drivers play a vital role in this country because if not them, the country would have been experiencing problems in transportation.

We are since urging the Road Transport and Safety Agency to engage operators to agree upon a deadline.

Reverend Jevan Kamanga

National Secretary

National Restoration Party (NAREP)

11th September 2013