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NAREP Press Statement-PF and its endless wrangles and confusion.

Posted Oct 01, 2013


When the Patriotic Front was in opposition, they made numerous promises to the people of Zambia. They managed to woo the people into voting for them and they have been waiting for two years for the promises to be fulfilled but to no avail.
Just recently, the people of Luapula gave Republican Vice President the “Mansa electoral welcome” by singing sorrowful songs about how they have been abandoned hoping he would understand their suffering. Unfortunately, they were told by an irate Vice President, to be patient for at least another 5years in order for the PF to deliver on their promises. This is not the way a caring government is supposed to respond to the cry of the people. Dr. Scott should spend a little time wondering why – as republican Vice President - he is never left in charge of the country when the President is out of station.
The cry of the people of Mansa is a common cry all over the country. Up to now, students from government universities and colleges lack hostel accommodation – a serious issue that the PF have failed to resolve. Load-shedding is the order of the day for the relatively few who have access to electricity and quality healthcare is still a distant dream for the majority. While all this is happening, the Vice President and his Party appear to have all the time in the world to quarrel with each other over who will succeed President Sata!
We have only one question to ask: Why in the face of the ongoing wrangles in his Party, in the face of the cries of the multitudes in rural communities, in the face of the crippling effects of the removal of subsidies has the President remained silent? Where has all the energy gone that drove our charismatic leader to queue up at filling stations when there were fuel shortages? We know that the 90 day promises were a gimmick but we expect that after 2 years some real progress would be made towards meeting the demands of the people who only want an honest way to put more food on their table each day.
We urge the republican president to put a halt to the wrangling in his Party and focus his ministers on the jobs they were appointed to perform.
National Restoration Party (NAREP)
1st October 2013