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NAREP Scholarship Programme Update

Posted Jul 24, 2015

NAREP Scholarship Programme Update:

Fee structure and further scholarships secured

Due to high international student enrolment, all places for the 2015 enrolment at Zhejiang A and F University have now been taken up.  Applications that are still outstanding and those coming through will however, still be considered for the March 2016 and September 2016 intakes. We still have more than 200+ Seats secured in other Universities under Bachelors, Masters and PHD.  

100 seats are still available for the September 2015 intake in Civil Engineering. Each student is being awarded a scholarship of 50% on tuition fees. All Students that are being awarded the scholarship will have to pass their first year in order to continue with the scholarship in to their second year of study. This means that failing students will consequently have to meet100% of their tuition fees.

The full cost for self-financed students is 16000 RMB (Chinese Yuan Renminbi) or 2500 USD(United States Dollars). Each scholarship recipient will be awarded 8000 RMB / 1250 USD in scholarship award in the first year towards their tuition fees only.

Expenses to be covered by the students include.

Tuition fees of 16000 RMB (with each student being awarded 8000 RMB in scholarship funds)   

Accommodation at 5000 RMB 

Insurance 300 RMB

Residence permit 800 RMB

Text Books- 500 RMB

One time university payment fee 900 RMB

Total in USD 2500


More Scholarships secured

50 more Seats have been secured & still available for September 2015 Undergraduate intake in Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, International Trade and Economics and Business Administration. Each student is being awarded a scholarship of 5000 RMB (806.5 USD) on tuition fees only.Tuition fees of 17000 RMB (with each student being awarded 5000 RMB in scholarship funds)   

Accommodation at 3600 RMB 

Insurance 400 RMB

Residence permit 800 RMB

Medical 500 RMB

Text Books- 500 RMB

Total in USD 2900


100 places for Master and PHD programmes at 100% scholarship in all 3 years with both Accommodation and Tuition fees being fully catered for to all those wishing to pursue a Master’s Degree Programs from September 2015. Note that the deadline for applications to this programme is 20th September 2015.

MBBS Medicine

For all MBBS applicants, students should deposit their application fee of 200 USD through the Bank of China to facilitate the sending of Visa forms to the applicants to enable them with processing their Visa application with the Chinese Embassy. 

Tuition fees, Accommodation, Insurance, Text Books, and Residence permit:

Total in USD 4200


Please note that during the course of this and next week, the NAREP Secretariat will be making contact with updates for applicants. All documents and further information are available from our website

Any queries should be referred to:

Update 14th July 2015