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Posted Sep 12, 2013

The Patriotic Front’s stance on Street vending

Government should immediately state its clear position on vendors who are slowly moving back onto the streets of Livingstone. It has been barely two weeks since Zambia co-hosted the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) conference in Livingstone. Before the UNWTO was hosted, Tourism and Arts Minster, Honourable Sylvia Masebo announced to the nation that the PF government would ensure that no street vendor would return to the streets of Livingstone.

The government should not sweep this issue under the carpet but should instead find lasting solutions to this problem. They should state their real positions over the matter because Zambians are anxious to know what stance government is taking in addressing this national crisis.This needs matter requires serious attention and should be dealt with urgently.

NAREP has already set out a clear policy position on what can be done to address the problem of street vending.

As a party that has a heart for people, we believe that the PF should ensure that no vendor is left stranded while at the same time there is need to ensure order on our streets and support for those selling goods in markets. The NAREP Empowerment and Enterprise Plan (NEEP) was designed to deal with such a situation and must be carefully considered as an important part of the solution towards addressing massive unemployment and it's contribution to street vending across the whole nation.


National Restoration Party (NAREP)

12 September 2013