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NATIONAL RESTORATION PARTY-Statement on erroneous claims by defectors

Posted Aug 08, 2013

NATIONAL RESTORATION PARTY-Statement on erroneous claims by defectors

The National Restoration Party expresses its concerns in the manner that some members of the public have chosen to claim falsely that they are top officials of the Party. In the media yesterday 29th July 2013, a Mr. Chikwanda who is a former member of the party was quoted in the media claiming that he was the party youth chairperson and Presidential Advisor.

We wish to advise Mr. Chikwanda and other members of the public who have a tendency of impersonating that it is a crime under the laws of this country for anyone to conduct him or herself in this manner. Mr. Chikwanda is not very new to our party and he is better placed to know that we are party of values. We encourage him to play his politics silently and not drag us into his personal problems.

We appreciate the democracy this country has enjoyed since the MMD came into power in 1991. In a democratic state like ours anyone has the right to belong to a party of their choice. It is however wrong for anyone wanting to join a certain party to claim that they hold a senior position in another. What Mr. Chikwanda should worry about is his character and not just his reputation. Mr. Chikwanda was not the first and will not be the last person to have the opportunity to be in the company of our Party President. The opportunity he had therefore did not qualify him to be our Presidential advisor. NAREP is not a party for disgruntled individuals who cannot subscribe to our values.

Every person who has left our party must realize that they have created space for principled and mature politicians who believe in quality and value based leadership which NAREP stand for. We therefore do not regret the defection of our member to join another opposition political party as he was only exercising his democratic right. NAREP remain committed to offering value based leadership as this is the only way we can develop this country and make it favorable for every Zambian.

We call upon the youths across the country to be principled and stand for the truth and not be used and turn themselves into political parasites.
David Kapoma
Presidential Advisor
30th July 2013