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National Restoration Party Press Statement-STOP OPPOSING FOR THE SAKE OF OPPOSING

Posted Jun 20, 2014




We are very disappointed with some opposition political parties who are against ECZ’s proposed increase of constituencies in the country from 150 to 235. This clearly shows how selfish they are and that is why Zambians are having a hard time trusting them because they do not have a heart for the people. Without a doubt, this indicates that these opposition political parties exist to serve their interests and not those of the people as they pretend to do.

It is unfortunate that some of these opposition parties are opposing without putting it into consideration the fact that the population in Zambia is growing everyday hence the need to increase the number of constituencies. An increase in constituencies will enable people to have development in their areas in the sense that there will be an MP in their area who will be able to reach out to them and see the suffering that people are going through.

NAREP youths are challenging all MPs especially those with big constituencies in Zambia to tell the nation how many of them have toured their entire constituency. We are not just saying this from without, we have been to some of these constituencies like Lufwanyama were people do not even know the name of the area MP because they have never seen their MP.

Just like in our New Constitution there is a proposed number of 250 parliamentary seats.There are countries like Malawi which has 193 parliamentary seats yet the size of the country is 118,000 square kilometers. Zimbabwe is 390, 000 square kilometers in size with 210 parliamentary seats. And Zambia which is about 752, 000 square kilometers in size and it has 150 seats only. If other countries can have more constituencies, why can’t Zambia do the same? And if you look at these countries, they are doing far much better than Zambia economically. If these political parties are there to serve the interest of the people of Zambia, they should be realistic. Opposition does not mean opposing everything even progressive ideas just because you are in the opposition.

We appeal to government to consider ECZ’s proposal so that our people across the nation should have equal and effective representation in parliament. We wish to urge all politicians not to always put on political spectacles when making judgements on important issues of national interest.


Wilson Banda

NAREP Youth League Chairman

National Restoration Party (NAREP)


20 June 2014